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Best-in-class accuracy for SNP predictions

The United Nations estimates that we need to increase our food production by the middle of this century by 70%. We need to do this whilst maintaining food security, food sustainability, and increasing animal welfare. At Prolego, we believe that applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to genomics, particularly genomic prediction, can play a key role in the solution to that problem. We have built two propietary algorithms that beat the accuracy of traditional genomic prediction methods by 20% on average.

Higher accuracy

Expect a 10-30% improvement in out-of-sample phenotype prediction accuracy compared to GBLUP

Small or big data?

Our algorithms work with data sets small and large. For simple data sets, our software will give you results in seconds. For big data, we can provide a bespoke test with best-in-class accuracy.

Complex phenotypes

Our algorithms can handle phenotypes created via repeated measures, time series, or multiple responses. They can be values, images, networks, or more.

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